Na'eem Jeenah on AMEC's latest book

  • 24 September, 2015
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AMEC executive director Na'eem Jeenah talks to SABC's Eben Jansen on AMEC's latest publication, Tomorrow's Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa, written by Nick Turse
On the 2 September 2015, the Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC) hosted a seminar entitled 'The Iranian nuclear deal: What prospects for the world and for South Africa', presented by Dr Zeinab Ghasemi Tari, Malak Chabkoun, J Brooks Spector and Ebrahim Deen, at the Premier Hotel, Pretoria.
Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC) researcher Ebrahim Deen, talks to SABC News about peace efforts to salvage South Sudan.
The Afro-Middle East Centre hosted a banquet dinner at the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria, South Africa, 19 January, 2015. The dinner hosted various academics, political party leaders and other distinguished guests including South African Ambassador, Mohammed Dangor, Na'eem Jeenah, Usamah Hamdan and many others.
What is the Islamic State? Expert Omar Shaukat explains all.
Israel says it's hit more than one-hundred-and-twenty targets overnight, as the violent confrontation with Palestinian militants intensifies. Several Palastinian rockets landed in Jerusalem and two targeting Tel Aviv were shot down by the Iraelis. For more on this we are joined by Na'eem Jenah, Director at Afro-middle East Centre.
US Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged intense support to Baghdad in the fight against militants. Kerry made a surprise visit to Iraq as Sunni Insurgents led by the jihadist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), seized a strategic town in the Northern part of the country. The insurgents also captured the country's biggest oil refinery in Beji, which had been under siege for ten days, Joining us in studio Omar Shaukat is a researcher at the Afro-Middle East Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa to give analysis on the situation.
The United States has condemned a "horrifying" massacre by Islamic militants said to have killed hundreds of Iraqi soldiers as they advanced on Baghdad after seizing vast swathes of northern Iraq. The country experienced similar attacks over the last few weeks with the USA and Australia withdrawing their troops. For more analyses on the story we joined by Naeem Jenah who is the director for the Afro-Middle East Centre.

Na'eem Jeenah on Egypt

  • 22 April, 2014
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An Egyptian court has sentenced thirty additional people to more than three years in prison for violent protests. They were found guilty on Monday of supporting deposed Islamist president Mohammed Morsi. The military-installed authorities have engaged in a sweeping crackdown against Morsi's supporters and his Muslim Brotherhood since his ouster in July. The crackdown has left more than 1 400 people dead, and thousands have been jailed. More than 1-thousand Morsi supporters have been convicted in mass trials, including 5-hundred-and-29 sentenced to death last month. For more on this story we are joined in the studio by Afro Middle East…

On kidnapping of Libyan PM, Ali Zeidan

  • 20 October, 2013
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Libyan rebels have kidnapped the country's Prime Minister Ali Zidan and taken him to an undisclosed location. Security sources says Zeidan was seized from a hotel where he was staying in the Libyan capital Tripoli. On the line by Naeem Jeenah from the Afro Middle East Centre
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