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Analyst praises Russia over Syria intervention

Published in Syria

Director of a Johannesburg-based research institute, The Afro-Middle East centre, Naeem Jeenah says war in Syria is highly unlikely now that Russia has been given the opportunity to mediate.

He believes Russia's request to the United States to embrace its plan to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control has dissolved almost all talk of a US military strike on Syria.

Jeenah says: "I believe the move is quite far away from the horizon, I believe that the keenness was not really that great to do this. Remember that (President Barack) Obama has been presenting himself as the president who has ended two wars, who did not want to start another."

He adds: "So he wasn’t really keen,  I think he painted himself into a corner with his whole story about red lines etc. So the Russians have in a sense allowed him to save face."

This was published on the SABC website